Sudden mutation, so that the action of a stiff left Mo covered! He just looked at all the air around suddenly agitated, looking at the sky sword means a variety of tsunami tone, looking like crazy sword meaning flood, coming to him from all directions ...... This is what happens ...... ...... The first section one hundred sixty-five non-empty expansion Drinking tea, rich aura supplement, people speak, covered Choutet, tired look among swept away. Pei Yuan then laughed: "Estimated time is almost up, go, we go to watch how the kid." This proposal suddenly get the crowd response, five people will jointly peers, go after no empty mountains. Until sounding, five people a closer look, prada outlet,prada outlet store,Prada bags outletcan not help but laugh together. "I say this kid is very slippery, how would find" life "to?" Yan Yue, pointing to the array, laughing. Mo find any left array, covered clothes flying broken, apparently suffered terribly. Yan Yue was great bloodletting of mind at this time of unspeakable comfort. Not only is he comfortable, Pei Yuan then very few people are comfortable. Four of them dignified saver, but it took a mixed kid is no way to build the base, long anything in the air. Coercion, fear that the boy ran away, he turned to the door. Inducements, this asshole is the largest of the non-rich mountain air. Now look at this guy being remediation was temper, few people speak these days hard not wasted. Five hills scattered people laughed: "Left Mo quite talented array of characters, find the" students ", a little more difficult for him." Looked at, that is not blending, leave early for the wonderful, which in the end is someone else martial art thing. Moreover, a look at the left Mo is promising, if that this array is laid himself, if in the future find themselves in trouble, he can be too much. More and more convinced that it is possible to see how the left Mo unlike broad minded man, he quickly said:. "Things here, but also leave the door in the next there are some things that need to be addressed in the future if leisure, again your hospitality . "Pei Yuan Ran while a few people are naturally retain, but to see people go to Italy five hills scattered resolute, they will not stop. As for the reward, paid long ago, five hills scattered arch hand, fast disappearing in the horizon. Pei Yuan Ran a few people do not care, comprehension ofprada outlet,prada outlet store,Prada bags outletthe road long, came and went, then normal. Shifeng Rong looked very sad time around left Mo, suddenly said: "? If left Mo get out, it would mean that can not keep up Fam open" Pei Yuan Ran'd get upset: "Fam is small, just a little humble, resulting in nothing but a foreign object left Mo talent, as long as he is willing to concentrate on repair sword, little foreign matter what of a big deal when we have to compensate for.? he was. "Pei Yuan Ran let Shifeng Rong quite satisfied with this answer, no longer speak. Side of Yan Yue curled his lip, but did not speak, he can not offend four junior sister apprentice. Xin Yan like statue, staring coldly left Mo array. Left Mo is now very miserable, he did a full body clothes. He looked out of fear, not far piece dragons cold and walk proudly wandering eyes swept from him from time to time. He absolutely did not think they actually head to even the "King Kong dissatisfied" are calculated on. Even now, he thought just experienced a terrible scene, he felt scalp tingling, feeling cold. Numerous sword means he lunged madly, like a bunch of hungry sharks, every want from him bite a piece of his flesh. His poor "King Kong dissatisfied", even if the liquid has come prada outlet,prada outlet store,Prada bags outletto the realm of HL Gold, almost in an instant was destroyed. If his extraordinary soul, if it is a recent entry penance rocket Kunlun jade Jane character array, the array of characters many profound understanding, he would have been countless sword intended to drown. He almost stumbled to find a safe place now so the confusion between. As long as he does not take this piece of land thirty feet radius, would never have something. This small radius of thirty feet of the ground, and finally let the left-Mo believes that they do not want to kill him head. But, this large array, it is terrible! Mo left looking out of fear dragons piece swagger, not the slightest movement. Array, the Pei Yuan then saw his eyes, and said:. "Come on, this kid sight of coffins were moved to tears, and grind slowly." In their view, left-Mo although greedy and rogue, but it is quite stubborn temper, categorically not so easily admit defeat. They know this, this and spend such a large array under the cloth, is ready long struggle. Four turned away without worry, intend to come back after a few days. Large array of seemingly dangerous, in fact, safe. Mo left Jinnai, where is will lose their injured master? And the array, but also do not worry about the beast enemy. Lian Xin Yan they are unassailable large array, look at the whole day month circles, difficult to break, and never had three. However, even after Pei Yuan Mo left out of consideration, such as a large array, is not able to see the big fuss altered in the future this may also serve as access land. There are large array protection, security worries.