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  • Replace existing doors
  • New construction Installation
  • New Electric Openers
  • Battery Back-up Openers
  • Commercial Sectional Doors
  • Commercial Sheet (Roll-up) Doors
  • Broken Garage Door Spring


If your spring looks like this it is definitely broken! Garage doors are actually quite heavy, and the spring(s) do the work of picking the door up. Although the opener may be able to lift the door with the spring broken, it causes an incredible strain on both the top of the door and the garage door opener, and damage may occur. There is also the possibility that the door can crash down, causing major damage or injury! So it’s best to leave the door closed until qualified help arrives.

“Don’t try this at home” really does apply here!

Changing (or even adjusting) the springs is a very dangerous task and should only be done by a trained garage door technician. Accident, injury, even death can result from untrained attempts to work on garage door springs!

We have replaced thousands of springs and carry the popular sizes on our repair trucks. If you have a 16' or 18' door with two springs and one breaks, it is usually only a short time period untill the other one breaks as well.

Both springs are usually the same age and have wound up the equal number of cycles. It is almost always best to replace them as a pair. It is less expensive to do both at once since we already have it all taken apart anyway, which eliminates a second trip.

Some of the less expensive 16' and 18' wide doors are installed originally with just one spring. These wider doors always work smoother and with less “binding” if two springs are used — so that is what we always reccomend. It costs very little more to do it the right way and the doors simply work better.

Let us repair your broken spring(s) so that you know the door will “balance” correctly, and let us take on the very real risk of injury.

We can usually fix your springs the same day, so give us a call!


When the door is “off track” it is usually caused by the cable coming off of the drum on one side. This allows the door to fall crooked and rollers are sometimes pulled out of their carriers. Many times the tracks are bowed or bent and the door is stuck. Attempting to close the door can make it fall completely out of the tracks, or cause further damage to the tracks or door! Please give us a call before uou try to force the door down.

We are usually able to respond quickly in these cases and get your door back into working order right away!

Residential doors are usually made up of 4 or 5 sections (or “panels”). Door sections can be damaged several ways, including but not limited to:

  • Door openers can bend the top panel — somtimes several sections.
  • Top sections can bend because there is no brace (strut) installed to stiffen the section.
  • Doors can be damaged by pushing the opener button when the lock is engaged on the door.
  • “Stress Cracks” can develop with high or even normal usage, bending or “kinking” can result.
  • Sections can be bent by toys, tree limbs, equipment, even automobiles!

Sections are usually available for current-model doors. Unfortunately, for many older or less popular doors, replacement sections may not be available. We may be able to install a “set” of sections using the old hardware as an alternative to a complete new door with all new hardware.


Broken cables, cables that are off, bent or missing rollers, bent tracks, hinges that are bent or cracked — we’ll fix them! Just about any issue you are having with your garage door is something we have experienced before and are ready to proceed with repairing it. Our service trucks are stocked with a full compliment of repair parts and supplies, so we are able to have your door back to working order in no time!


We offer experienced repair services for your electric garage door openers — we can service or repair common problems with most openers from a number of brands. Give us a call today!


We can also repair your commercial overhead doors — call us at 281-356-7404 for all your commercial overhead door repairs!

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